Alternativer Masterplan Wilhelm-Leuschner-Platz Leipzig at the office DENDA ARCHITEKTEN
Theses about ideas and urban structure 1.    The    Masterplan    for    Leuschnerplatz    is    synonymous    for    the    logical development of the south city with the metropolitan demand. 2.   The   City-South   is   the   key   point   for   the   merger   with   the   area   of   the "Südvorstadt".   The   suburbs   are   integrated   into   the   functional   and   spatial concept of the center city. 3.   With   the   City-Süd   /   Leuschnerplatz   the   ring   is   further   developed   as   an important    urban    element.    The    ring    becomes    a    distinctive    space    and follows   the   city-design   visions   of   the   city   architects   of   the   19th   and   20th century like Hugo Licht, Arwed Rossbach or Max Pommer. 4.   The   development   of   the   city   is   consistently   extended   from   the   city   center via the promenade and the ring to the south city. 5.   The   City-South   /   Leuschnerplatz   becomes   an   autonomous,   viable   district and developing there own attraction. 6.   The   functional   and   architectural   diversity   develops   analogously   to   the characteristics of the center city and becomes a unique feature.
7.     Public     space     is     defined     by     spatial     quality     and     sequences.     It corresponds   with   the   public   glass-covered   passages   and   halls,   such   as Les   Hallès   /   Markthallepassage,   market   hall   and   redefinition   of   glass   roof above the "bowling center" (integration of monument). 8. Include Brüderstraße / Leplaystraße for a new educational location. 9.   New   defintion   of   the   main   squares,   such   as   the   Ring,   Königsplatz,   and Roßplatz   as   well   as   linking   to   the   center   space   system   with   alleys,   small squares and passages. 10.    The    market    hall    becomes    a    key    building    in    this    area.    Of    history, height,   functionality   and   as   a   source   of   quotation   with   the   restoration   of the    historical    entrance    façade,    according    to    the    example    of    Palais Schlobach by Arwed Rossbach. 11.   The   City   Library   will   return   to   his   historical   roof   landscape   and   the Königsplatz     will     become     a     promenade.     The     short     way     from     the Petersstraße   over   the   ring,   the   Königsplatz,   in   the   Petersteinweg   to   the Karl-Liebknecht-Straße is rebuild.. DENDA ARCHITECTS  2017  
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