expert process Prager Strasse | Thonberg - Leipzig design concept
Urban concept of function, structure and design  1. The Thonberg area at the triangle Prager Straße / Mühlstraße /  Riebeckstraße was generally considered. It is the old location of the  "Thonberg". The focus of this projekt was on the triangle Prager Straße /  Stötteritzer Straße / Riebeckstraße. This top of the triangle has the most  potential of the this area and can help to reactivate the whole district. 2. The existing old buildings were integrated. Except for the development  on Riebeckplatz, we assume a height of 5+D bzw. 5+2D aus. 3. The rhythm of Prague's street is in the context of urban planning  elements. ("Johannesplatz", "Alten Messe", "Völkerschlachtdenkmal") 4. For space organization and accentuation, town squares will be formed  to shape the structure of the Thonberg area. This happens above all along  the "Prager Straße", so from the "Johannesplatz", "Gutenbergplatz",  "Ostplatz", in the area "Thonberg" over the "Mühlplatz", "Thonberg Anger" to the new "Riebeckplatz" and reaching further to the "Barnet-Licht-Platz". At the "Stötteritzer Straße" / "Riebeckstraße", the old church square is  designed associatively. 5. A special highlight will be the new designed Riebeckplatz, in the context of the building of the "Technischen Rathauses". Here worked in the  19./20.Jh. the tower of the south house of the dominant Riebeck brewery.  This creates a striking landmark such as "Ostplatz", "Deutscher Platz" or  the square at the "Russischen Gedächtniskirche" / "Deutsche Bücherei". 6. This area were open up via the existing road network with known  restrictions.
7. Parking is in the blocks as basement garages or in the street area  according to the given key. The new buildings have underground garage. Blocks C1 - C3 as well as the Hotel at the "Riebeckspitze" receive the  garage from the "Judith-Auer-Straße". 8. The open space concept envisages the strengthening of existing  green space potential and network. Old town squares are reactivated,  the Thonberg Park is upgraded and networked. The Thonberg-Anger is  newly created on the Prager Straße / Stötteritzer Straße to make the  promenade and cycle path connection in the area practicable. 9. There are more gaps and new buildings for social uses. 10. At the Riebeckplatz, taking into account the noise situation and the  urban planning markings, a hotel is created here (Boardinghouse). DENDA ARCHITECTS  2017 client: Stadtplanungsamt Leipzig 2017  
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