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The design of DENDA ARCHITECTS  Behind it is a simple title, which means living at the White Elster in the  district Schleußig in Leipzig. One of the most exciting construction projects in this metropolis of Leipzig  is being built in one of the most fascinating living and planning areas. On  this place, in which elegant limousines in the Art Deco style where   construct in the 1920s, a new urban development is being built. 1. Significant buildings in crystalline form. The slantings and attitudes  create associations with storage buildings, whitch also stand at the  Lindenau port. Certainly, this is a "breath" of fresh air for the world tour,  which Leipzig has always search with the rivers and canals, the  architectures - the connection to the metropolises and the connection to  the large port cities like Hamburg. A small part of a vision should come  true. The comb-like rebuilding allows air and sun to enter the residential  development behind Holbeinstraße. 2. The old and new buildings are concentrated on the waterfront. In the  old to be renovated factory building 30 new lofts are being built. The  sturdy steel concrete skeleton constructions with the supports, trestles and vaults are the defining design elements. The materiality with the clinker  façades finds its continuation in the substructure of the slender white  storage-like buildings. As a matter of course, something new is integrated  into the old ensembles. In the new buildings modern, generously cut  apartments will be created with flexible ground plans. The orientation is to the south and west with spacious terraces and balconies. 3. The yard of the facility is traffic-free, because the cars are in an  underground car park at the entrance of the Holbeinstraße. 4. Parallel to Holbeinstraße and waterway, the inner passage-like  development takes place. At the water, a living promenade is created by  the lowering of the bank wall on the water level with stairs. The sunny  promenade is inviting you to linger and walk. The upper and lower levels  are connected by stairs and ramps. Art takes place here, art the intellectual way is looking for the traditions of the Leipzig automobile industry. 5. In the lower level, near the water are also smaller offers for art and  commerce, gastronomy and leisure activities. Boats can be laid, let into the water, activities of any kind take place here. 6. From the loggias and balconies of the upper floors, you can look far  into the city or to Cospudener See. 7.  What Leipzigers and their guests love is here, quiet and lively water  city, excitement in a traditional quarter and modern self-conscious  architecture, which sets a sign, symbol becomes in a comprehensive sense. 8. Here is the border between two different districts: Schleußig and  Plagwitz. The river separates and connects. Here, conservative civic living  meets the life of a trendy district with artists and studios, pubs and shops,  seaside restaurants and leisure activities. Here starts the tour for the  journey over the Karl-Heine-Kanal and later to the Saale and Elbe. 9. A city is found, or is being reinvented, in a district that is green or  blue. 10. The interplay between old and new is a striking ensemble with a  reflection on Leipzig's automobile history and the addition of new housing  forms (3 Riverhouses ) In Leipzig's waters.
numbers and facts  1. 1.BA Renovation and conversion of former automanufaktur           "Seegers & Sohnzu 30 loft / penthouse apartments and restaurant in          the - water floor  5,130 m² gross floor area, 30 apartments, restaurant 600sqm of usable area 2. BA New construction "RIVERHOUSES" Maritime residential            ensemble at the White Elster  8,792 m² gross floor area, - 38 apartments - 2-6 rooms WE of 67,  201 m², facing south and west to the White Elster. boat moorings, 2 business units, underground garage with 105 parking spaces for all objects, free of charge 3. BA Palais Holbein Holbeinstraße 32 323,006 m² floor area, 22 apartments underground car park with 22 parking space 2 studio houses realization: 2012-2017 client LE Riverhouse GmbH Leipzig / Tarik Wolf planning: DENDA ARCHITECTS  
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