Palais Velhagen & Klasing new residential building Prager Straße 27 in Leipzig, Germany
At the intersection Prager Straße / Ostplatz stood the double palace  Velhagen & Klasing. It was the publishing house of the renowned Leipzig  people Velhagen & Klasing, who were specialized on books about travel. The left part of the building, which were destroyed in the world war, is  rebuilt in yellow clinkers as a counterpart to the right-hand building by the  Gerber Treuhand. There are 27 apartments for a clientele of the university  and clinic district. The Ostplatz with the Prager Straße is finished here.
numbers and facts  -   realization: 2012-2017 -   3,615 m² gross floor area -   23 apartments -   underground car park with 16 parking spaces -   client: Gerber Treuhand Zurich -   planning phase 1-4: DENDA ARCHITECTS  
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