„Venezianische Impressionen” Senior citizens living on the White Elster in Leipzig-Plagwitz
Leipzig - the city on the water - is defined by the architecture which use  the city's rivers. This is how the retirement home was built right on the river bank of the  White Elster - between the bridge and the access road to the Karl-Heine  canal. In the neighborhood are exists protected industrial facilities, which have  been converted into large city lofts. Vis-a-vis buildings are also located on  new canals. This old and young part of the city is rapidly developing into a multi-   faceted, lively district with companies from the media sector, restaurants,  shops and housing for young and old. So this retirement home became a  valued and popular retirement facility. The large urban form of an U opens  to the river to the garden level. On the ground floor are underground  parking, kitchen and dining room. The multi-purpose hall leads to the terrace of the river garden. The rooms  and care units are individually cut and offer to the river panorama. As a  special feature the glazed corner component with the arrangement of the  individual rooms and club rooms offers the possibility of staying on the  terraces overlooking the river of the White Elster with the lively boat traffic. The building was founded on the waterfront on 75 drill piles and was built  completely in sand-lime brick. All of the trades were carried out by Saxon  companies in excellent quality. In addition to the 190 employees, the staff is also satisfied with the living  and working conditions. The building with his functions and uses coveted to an residential and  workplace in the city of Leipzig.
numbers and facts -   realization: 2001-2002 -   7.618 m² floor area -   101 rooms with 190 care places -   client: PM Immobilienconsulting GmbH general planning: DENDA ARCHITECTS  
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